A story of life

By experience of being professional trekking tour guide for more than 20 years, LUE and THO have to take foreign tourists to explore the jungle, observe the way of life of rural people, stay overnight in the village, and serving meals preparing at the spot. We noticed that some of our clients had participated with enthusiasm how to get local ingredients and cook by themselves…and they did enjoy their productive activities at each meals. So often we have a question from each of our tourists group “Where can we learn to cook Thai simple dishes?”

And now it’s a proper time to answer to the question. That’s why the Thai cooking class “Bakanaz Cuisine” is born.

Learning Thai ways and how to cook Thai food , due to Grandma recipes, with LUE and THO, two chefs who can explain simple cooking methods as well as techniques of selecting and using local ingredients, especially vegetables and herbs…


Embark on a culinary adventure with our vibrant cooking classes designed for tourists!

1. **Joyful Learning:** Our lively instructors bring the joy of Thai cuisine to life, making each class a delightful experience.
2. **Interactive Sessions:** Dive into hands-on cooking, where you'll laugh, learn, and savor the art of crafting authentic Thai dishes.
3. **Flavorful Journeys:** Explore the rich tapestry of Thai flavors as our expert instructors guide you through the secrets of creating mouthwatering dishes.
4. **Relaxing Atmosphere:** Immerse yourself in a relaxed setting, perfect for enjoying the culinary journey without any stress.
5. **Memorable Moments:** Create lasting memories as you connect with fellow enthusiasts, sharing stories and laughter while mastering the art of Thai cooking.
Join us for an unforgettable culinary escape – where fun meets the flavors of Thailand!"


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